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                                                                                          Welcome To The WTFitsSurvival

If your not already registered with this site please take 2 mins to do so, to show your support and it will make giving you guys support alot easier and faster :) Thanks.
Take a look at this short video made by Omfzorz for a quick run through on what our server is like! please sub and like the video :)
Omfzorz will be making updated videos weekly/fortnightly so remember to check them out!
WTFitsSurvival started out as a 6 man private server for just me and a few friends, ever since it was made it has grown and the time has come for it to become public!
The server its self is only a 16 man server at the moment while its in testing for public, aslong as it all goes well it will keep getting upgraded as needed. Members of the WTFitsSurvival are exited for new members to join in, and contribute towards making the server only better.
We have a list of rules for all players to obey as expected, we are strict when it comes to rule breaking mainly because were not paying for "rule breakers" to ruin other peoples fun. Were just after making a safe fun place to be :)

If you are one of the lucky ones to already be white-listed you can find updates, planned downtime and upcoming news on this site. Also
if you had any problems while being on "WTFitsSurvival" you can message me, WTFitsBruce or any of the other admins and they, or i will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are interested in joining the guys on WTFitsSurvival please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

*Current users*
If at anytime you find the server is offline, check the calender/news for planed downtime. if nothing is stated on there its most likely there is nothing we can do our end so just be patient and wait for it to come back on.

*All Users*
If you are just passing by or requesting access to WTFitsSurvival please create an account with this website to make it easier for admins to contact you. if you do not make an account we cannot gaurentee a quick response.

Server admins are:
   WTFitsBruce - Owner