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Server going public!

Posted by WTFitsBruce on July 28, 2012 at 7:50 PM

WTFitsSurvival Has Gone Public!

At WTFitsSurvival we have a group of friendly players and admins all exited to get new players into the server, to start creating and contributing towards our ever growing community.

We have quite a big list of plugins, most of them are anti-grief to protect your creations + items. very rarely do we actually need them but we made sure they were there just for when things take a turn for the worst. We are strict on rules but that is just to make sure everything run's as smoothly as possable and to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for all players. all blocks that are placed and broken are loged into our controll pannel for later reference.

Punishment for breaking rules will lead to you be jailed, if you ever get jail you will also recieve a strike. if you find yourself in jail 3 times, it is most likely you will recieve a ban. depending on what you got your 3 strikes for will depend on how long your ban will last.

If you are currently white-listed on the server a few things you need to remember:

    -You need to lock all doors/chest owned by you by right clicking them with a sign!

    -Ask an admin to protect your house once you have started making it by making you a region will all rights so you can build/destory on

     your own land.

    -Obey by all rules, if you see other people breaking them. send us a message through the webite.

Your server admins are:





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